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Do you want the tools to make your real estate investment career a piece of cake? The Westside Investor Network is a group of real estate professionals who have been there, done it – and gotten a T-shirt. Their aim is to equip those who are ambitious enough to invest in themselves, so they can turn around and invest for themselves. Whether you are on your way to getting out of the rat race and into the fast lane, or you are a veteran – The Westside Investor Network will sharpen your investing sword. The Westside Investor Network (WIN) has 15+  years of investment knowledge under its belt. This is a no holds barred group of nitty-gritty investors who have been through more than one economic cycle.

Each month our live events learn about a new topic pertaining to real estate investing and have the privilege to ask questions to insightful individuals who were once where you are now. We will share our insights into the current condition of the market so you can be up-to-date on the latest trends. WIN is a network first.  This means that we aim to connect you with individuals that will move you from where you are currently at to where you want to be. It also means that we welcome real estate professionals at all levels and we have value to add to each investor – no matter which level they are at. It has been said that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Let us be one of your 5. WIN is a network of teachers. This means that we are actively learning the cutting edge of real estate investing so we can pass along our experience to you. We believe that you can only guide an individual to a place that you have been once before, so we have comprised a network of investors who are willing to guide you there. We are passionate about Real Estate, but we are even more passionate about sharing our hard-earned knowledge with you. WIN fosters a culture of opportunity and growth.

We believe that Real Estate is the best game in town. Therefore, we have become experts in our field. This network is an opportunity for you to link arms with us.  We will help you achieve more and reach your goals faster. This is a community of real estate professionals passionate about investing. Real Estate is a people business, and at WIN we place relationships at the cornerstone. We are incredibly excited to share our network with you. We know that you will gain massive amounts of benefit from our experience-based teaching while cultivating friendships with investors just like yourself. Time tested processes and fool-proof frameworks characterize us as an organization that is ready to give you what you need to be successful. No matter what the economic, or political climates looks like. This is not a “Rah, rah” get together. Chances are, you are an individual who wants to up their game.

The live events will give you pragmatic teaching and valuable insight; all while kindling relationships with people just like yourself. We understand that time is the most valuable asset you possess and our goal is to help you leverage it by teaching you industry insights that have taken us decades to figure out. The Westside Investor Network will aid you in realizing your goals sooner, streamline your processes, increase your profitability, sharpen your ability to recognize deals, and add new friends to your life. Become a valued member of our network and enjoy sailing with the wind at your back. WIN is here to help you win!

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