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“Welcome to the Westside Investors Network your community for investing knowledge for growth.  For real estate professionals by real estate professionals.  This show is focused on the next step in your career investing.  For those starting with nothing to multifamily syndication.

The Westside Investors Network strives to bring knowledge and education to the real estate professional that is seeking to gain more freedom in their life.  The hosts AJ and Chris Shepard are committed to sharing the wealth of knowledge that they have gained throughout the years to allow others the opportunity to learn and grow in their investing.  “


Read about the strategies and systems that helped top agents find fast success in real estate. In our blog, we outline the best advice guests share on Real Estate Rockstars and offer quick tips for making more money in sales or as an investor.

Podcast Hosts

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Chris Shepard » Owner

Chris Shepard is a licensed broker in Oregon and professionally manages properties in the Portland Metro area. Managing investments since 2009 Chris has extensive experience with all phases of property management and cares for each property as though they were his own. With this background, it's simple for him to discern whether to replace an appliance or get it fixed, whether to spend the money to replace some carpet or to just have it cleaned. He has the investor's best interests at heart.

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AJ Shepard » Owner

AJ Shepard is a licensed property manager in the state of Oregon and also a licensed Contractor in Oregon. His experience in real estate starts more than 10 years ago in the contracting business. Finding his passion in real estate and construction management has created an avenue for this company help provide all services necessary to its clients. Knowing the trade and the ability to manage many allows for streamlined maintenance for the investors property at a reduced cost.

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